Wal-Mart Camping

Before we left on our trip I had convinced myself we’d be in the wild every night.  I’m now convinced I was wrong.  When you pull into a town after dark, need to stock up on groceries and water again, and want to sleep, the big blue box is an oasis of sorts.  This wasn’t our first WalMart camp, and I’m certain it won’t be our last.  Most of our sleeping in the wild has been with nobody in sight.  But there is a strange comfort once in a while in having neighbors, even if they are 60 foot diesel tractor trailers that start up every hour through the night as a reminder you’re in a WalMart parking lot.  But one night is enough.  This isn’t a place we’ll be putting a doormat down.

At this point, we have yet to fill our water tank in the trailer.  Most of our stops to date have been 1 or 2 nights, the rest of our time spent driving so why add the extra weight?  We have jugs we fill every couple of days and that’s been working just fine.  It’s not just the weight though.  Until you use something it can’t not work, right?  And so far, we’ve had a couple things not quite work.  I mentioned before I’d do a write up on the solar and electrical systems.  When I do get to that I’ll tell you all about things that didn’t quite work.  That being said, we really did want to get south to warmer weather and find a place to stop and not leave for a week or so.  With weather in mind and the previous pledge to return to Colorado, we decided to scrap our plans of exploring Southern Utah at this time and head further South again.  But not without a quick stop at the iconic Horseshoe Bend, just outside of Page, and West to see the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park!

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